How old should you be?

There are many groups of people depending on their age. There's babies and toddlers, children and teenagers, adults... and much more!! And they all like different things. For example, a 4 year old may like watching princess movies, but a 7 year old may prefer playing games.

You have an age already, but if people could determine ages by this quiz, what would your age be? Just answer a few simple questions and you'll find out your age!

Created by: Adriana

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What TV channel below do you like best?
  2. What item below do you like best?
  3. About how many toys do you have?
  4. Do you have a job?
  5. Do you like the show Paw Patrol?
  6. Do you have your own cell phone?
  7. What is your favorite restaurant?
  8. How do you pronounce the word irresistible?
  9. Are you funny?
  10. Do you like this quiz so far?
  11. Which sounds most fun?
  12. How tall are you?
  13. What do you usually call a furry/fluffy mammal that barks?

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Quiz topic: How old should I be?