Do you know the show Martin?

Swoop many shows out there and you have came across my favorite one. Do you even know what the words Martin show is. Well take the quiz and find out.

Do you think you know the Martin show? Do you have what it takes to get a perfect or good enough score?there is only one way to find out. Take the quiz and find out. May my good gibes be with you.?

Created by: melinaa

  1. Who is Martin's wife?
  2. Who is Martin's enemy?
  3. Who does Martin say is his boys(best friends)?
  4. What does Martin do a lot?
  5. How did Martin react to him having to go to counseling with Gina
  6. Who is Mama Payne's(Martin's mom) enemy?
  7. Who lives across the hall from Martin?
  8. What is Martin's REAL name?
  9. True or false......has Martin ever ever broke up with gina?
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  12. See ya later

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Quiz topic: Do I know the show Martin?