Do you know the lyrics?

how much do you know about pop song lyrics? well you should definaltly take this quiz so that you can find out! so ya...uhh idk what to say so ya just take the quiz! :D

ok, you want to know how much u know about pop song lyrics? well you need to take this quiz and i do realize my paragrahps say basically the same thing but whateves

Created by: kmin
  1. Finish all of the following lyrical questions.... "Do what you want but you're never gonna _______ me"
  2. "Just like the ____is ours"
  3. "The rest is still ______"
  4. "Paintin' their own pictures and they ______ me in"
  5. "Gonna huff and puff and blow the whole house down, don't they know your the king of the _______"
  6. "Gimme some of that ____"
  7. "I hit the _____ cause that's my plans..."
  8. "It beats for you, so listen _____"
  9. "And leave _______ everywhere"
  10. "I'm only gonna break-break your break-break your _____"

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Quiz topic: Do I know the lyrics?