how well do you know your Green Day lyrics?

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How well do you know your greenday lyrics? if you were a fanatic you would have noticed i spelled Green Day wrong. Know do you really know your GD lyrics?

Are you a livelong-diehard Green Day fan or are you a wannabe fan? Ask yourself this do you really listen to the music and its meaning? or do just think their hot?

Created by: art and music

  1. Where is this from: She is the first force of the last ones in the line"
  2. "i saw you stand there ____"(hint: he was 14)
  3. "whereever you go, _____" "if you go far, _____"
  4. "i declare i don't care no more" is from-
  5. What is Emenius Sleepus about?
  6. Mechanical Man is-
  7. "No loves you and you know it don't pretend that you enjoy it" is from-
  8. This is my first quiz so:did you like it?
  9. "Waste it,Faked it, Ate it, now I hate it" is from?
  10. "you"re not my type" is from-

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my Green Day lyrics?