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  • This is Ravenclaw297. I just got an account to post comments with. I added part two a while back with the extra questions. Because tgis made the front page, it wouldn't let me add them. So you can search for part two and it will be there. It's called "Do You Know The Hunger Games as Well as I Do Part Two." Try it out!

    idc account
  • You know The Hunger Games 100% well!

    You know everything! Great job. You really know your stuff! May the odds be ever in your favor!

    of course i read the whole series in 3 days

    blue and gold101
  • Okay, that is 153 times. Add the extra questions! Also, 153 times and only two comments, come on people.

  • 83%. I was expecting worse, so I'm content with that. :)

  • Yes!! 92% percent :D ROCKED IT :D


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