Do you know The Hunger Games as well as I do?

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So you think you know The Hunger Games? Think again. Test your Hunger Games knowledge with this all new test! With questions ranging in difficulty from easy to are consitantly challenged.

So come on. Try the test. You have nothing to lose! This is my first test so please no hate. Constructive criticism is encouraged. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Created by: Ravenclaw297

  1. Just letting you know that all of these questions are about the books. Not the movie. So if you only saw the movie please leave now.
  2. What is Peeta's favorite color?
  3. Who does not die in Mockingjay?
  4. Who is from District 8? (out of these)
  5. Who is Flavius?
  6. Who died first in the 74th Hunger Games? (out of these people)
  7. Who did Katniss find in the woods in Catching Fire?
  8. Who is Rory?
  9. Which is not a quote from the books?
  10. Did you like this quiz? (Yes, it does count).
  11. This was my first quiz so please no hate. Check out my second quiz "How much do you know about Harry Potter?"
  12. Just letting you know, if I get 150 people to take my quiz, I will add five really really challenging questions. So, tell your friends and I will add questions so hard, you will need the books to get them. Okay? Thanks so much for taking the quiz!
  13. Comment and Rate! (This is a freebie) Thanks so much!

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Quiz topic: Do I know The Hunger Games as well as I do?