Do You Know the Game Fable : The Journey?

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Okay this picture is the Fable The Journey Cover and this is my favorite game so far but do you think you know Fable The Journey? This quiz will tell you if you know the game.

Okay let's see if you know Fable The Journey game because I know all the answers to the questions but I didn't make these questions up. So you better know Fable The Journey.

Created by: Francesca Bookless
  1. What is your main characters name?
  2. What are the spider like monsters called?
  3. What weaponry does help your character?
  4. Does your horse get poisoned. Oh! And what is the horses name?
  5. What accent do all the characters have?
  6. Are there spirits in the game?
  7. Is there magic in Fable?
  8. What is the main threat in Fable?
  9. What is one power you obtain?
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know the Game Fable : The Journey?