Do You Know the Avatar Series

Are you smart or dumb when it comes to the legend of Korra and Avatar the last airbender. This is my favorite show and you better make a high score. 😎

In this quiz it will ask you things a true master when it comes to the four elements can you master the quiz like how Aang and Korra mastered the elements.

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  1. Who get together at the end of Korra?
  2. Who didn't die in Avatar?
  3. Who is the are the avatars?
  4. Do you love the series?
  5. Who was the first avatar?
  6. Why did Kya(Katara mom die)
  7. Who are the Villians?
  8. What kind of element does Aang have
  9. What kind of bender is Sokka
  10. Who is Aangs love intrest
  11. What kind of bender is Korra
  12. Who is Korras love interest

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Quiz topic: Do I Know the Avatar Series