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  • Um For #1 Scott didnt get bit after a party wtf?! Stiles tells him about the body Scott is left in the woods by himself , then he gets bit by Peter but only Scott thinks its Derek .

    teenwolf127 Apr 8 '15, 2:14AM
  • I love teen wolf, don't argue geez. 100 percent ;)

    UAAllstars43 Oct 13 '13, 4:08PM
  • Are you dumb! It was the Alpha which is Peter! Derek becomes the Alpha in the last episode of season 1

    ale1421 Jun 4 '13, 10:31PM
  • No, actually Peter did-Derek's uncle...and I got 100%! XD

    roseybrunnette Aug 5 '12, 3:12PM
  • sorry, but Derek bit scott(:

    amy likes bagels Jul 27 '12, 7:04PM

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