Do You Know Teen Wolf?

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Do You Know Teen Wolf? If you think you do this is the quiz for you. Especially if you love the hot werewolf boys. So if you Love the series come and take this quiz.

I watch Teen Wolf on MTV every Monday at 7:00, because I just love it so much and I hope you like it too. Check out my other quizzes if you like this one. Love, Phoenix

Created by: Phoenix Night

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  1. How does Scott get bitten by a werewolf?
  2. Who is Scott's best friend?
  3. Who is Derek?
  4. What sport does Scott play?
  5. Who is Allison?
  6. Who does Scott make-out with in the last episode of season 1?
  7. Who bit Scott?
  8. Allison's dad is a....
  9. Who does Stiles like?
  10. When did Jackson start acting weird?
  11. Who is Jackson?
  12. Who plays Scott McCall
  13. Who plays Allison?
  14. Who played Scott in the Movie that was made in the '80s?
  15. Who calms Scott down when he gets angry?

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