Do you know stuff About Me?(Please take it even if you don't know

There are many people who know me well, but do you? Even if you haven't try this to see how good your luck is! Maybe it's FANTASTIC, or maybe terrible!If you guessed and got above a 51% Than YOU ARE LUCKY!!But any lower than that means you don't have much luck.

Do you know me? If you do, do you know me well? How good is your luck, if you've never met me? Well Here Show me, Ashley, how good you think you know me, or maybe even how much luck you have!SHOW ME NOW AND TAKE THIS QUIZ!!!!!!

Created by: Ashley

  1. What is my fav. horse breed?
  2. What color eyes do I have?
  3. What band is my Fav. band?
  4. what Actors/actresses are my favs?
  5. Who's my fav. singers?
  6. What's my fav. song?
  7. What style of riding do I ride?
  8. Which Guy is My MAJOR celeb crush?
  9. How old am I?
  10. What's my fav. color?
  11. What state do I live in?

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Quiz topic: Do I know stuff About Me?(Please take it even if you don't know