Is Your Crush Gonna Be Yours?

Do you have a crush? Do you think you may be in love? Though, you don't know if you have what it takes to make it with that special someone? That's why there's this quiz!

You will be asked a few questions relating to your friendship level, how much stuff you have in common, how attractive you are, upon other stuff. Hopefully you have what it takes to win that someone over. Lets see if you do!

Created by: vvvv
  1. Have you had any contact with your crush?
  2. Do you have the same taste in the things you do? (Activities)
  3. Do you have the same religious beliefs as them?
  4. Are they as attractive as you?
  5. What is your friendship level?
  6. Do you have the same taste in music? What about food?
  7. How smart are they compared to you?
  8. Do you think you stand a chance with them.
  9. What was the most romantic thing you've done concerning them?
  10. Why did you take this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Is my Crush Gonna Be mys?