Do you know Sonic the Hedgehog?

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Aww what a cute picture of Sonic. :3 Oh anyways, do you think you know Sonic the Hedgehog? Are you ready to see if you know Sonic or not? Be prepared.

So I'll make part two whenever I get more facts about Sonic. I always say "I'll make part two if I'm missing any facts," but yeah. Okay get ready! Go!

Created by: Silver776

  1. How old is Sonic?
  2. What's Sonic's favorite food?
  3. Can Sonic swim?
  4. Who designed Sonic's shoes?
  5. What was the biggest selling Sonic game?
  6. How many T.V. series has Sonic had?
  7. When is Sonic's birthday?
  8. Where did Sonic grow up?
  9. How fast is Sonic?
  10. Is Sonic better than Mario?
  11. True or false; Sonic was once a brown ordinary hedgehog.
  12. What is Sonic's favorite drink?
  13. Part two; More facts. Cya.

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Quiz topic: Do I know Sonic the Hedgehog?