Do you know Silver the Hedgehog?

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This is my first quiz so I hope you do well and enjoy this quiz! So are you a freak for Silver like me? If so then stop reading this and take the quiz already!

But if you arn't a freak for Silver then you can try this quiz but if you don't bother to know who he is then get out! Sorry I'm not trying to be mean so anyways, thanks! :)

Created by: Silver776

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  1. Let's start off with a easy question, what colour is Silver?
  2. How old is Silver?
  3. Is Silver a boy or girl?
  4. Why does Silver wanna destroy Sonic?
  5. Who is Silver's partner?
  6. Does Silver have his own video game?
  7. I'll make part 2 if I'm missing any questions.
  8. Rate?
  9. Comment?
  10. Last question: DO YOU LOVE SILVER?!

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Quiz topic: Do I know Silver the Hedgehog?