Do You Know Shane

Well, you clicked the link, and here you are. My goal is to show you how much you really know me. Take this challenge and let me see how you do. It is quite interesting

People alway say, "Shane, I know everything about you!", and I just nod it. Prove it. Take this quiz and prove you know me. It is a challenge to you. I dare you to pass

Created by: Shane

  1. Where did I go to school?
  2. What is my goal in life?
  3. How many musicals have I been in (including college)?
  4. How many girlfriends have I had?
  5. What is my favorite video game series?
  6. What voice range am I?
  7. What is my favorite movie?
  8. What is my favorite book?
  9. What school do I want to transfer to?
  10. My favorite band of all time is...

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Shane