Do You Know Selena Quintanilla?

Very many people know who Selena is but very few know these facts about her do you and do you think you will make a perfect score so go ahead take a shot

Do yoy have the guts to take this quiz or do you think you will fail take a shot no one is perfect bit belive you know her and you just might know her

Created by: Amanda Rodriguez

  1. What day was Selena Quintanilla born?
  2. What was the name of her father's restaurant?
  3. What were her siblings names?
  4. What day did she die😢😳
  5. What day did she release her last album Amor Prohibido?
  6. What are Selena's parents names.
  7. What was Selena's husband's name?
  8. Where was Selena born?
  9. Where did Selena die?
  10. What was Selena's band's name?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Selena Quintanilla?