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  • Hello, I just wanted to say that this was a great quiz!I thoroughly enjoyed it, if I may can i correct you on a few things (hopefully without sounding like an a--hole) I only missed one,I think it was the one about Syd leaving. (by the way its *Syd Barrett- minor mistake)

    if I remember correctly Syd contributed to a few songs on A Saucerful of Secrets "Jugband Blues" its basically a fairwell to the band. Which was released in 1968. Syd left around April 1969 when David joined.

    Oh and one last thing, Syd passed away in 2006 (even though "we'd been mourning him for 30 years") and Richard passed away in 2008 of cancer.

    thank you for making this quiz and Shine on.

  • A few corrections need to be made to this quiz...None of the albums listed in Question 3 are greatest hits compilations...Ques tion 11...both Richard Wright and Syd Barrett are deceased...and Question 12...Syd Barrett left the band in April, 1968...and of course, it's SYD not SID...


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