do you know michael jackson?

we all know michael jackson. But few of us love and admire him the most. There might be some people who are so obsessed over him and some who just admire his personality (like me).

do you love michael jackson? do you know about the person he really is? Well just take this quiz and you will find out if you really know about Michael Jackson.

Created by: gabby

  1. where was michael born?
  2. when was he born?
  3. what was his first solo with the jackson 5?
  4. how many kids does he have?
  5. how many brothers did he have?
  6. how many wives did he have?
  7. what did he do with his dauter when she was born?
  8. how many kids did michael say he wanted to adopt at his interview in 2,003
  9. what does michael want from us in his song "Childhood"?
  10. what kind of life does michael mostly lead?
  11. how did michael's skin go from black to white?
  12. who is michael like inside?

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Quiz topic: Do I know michael jackson?