Do You Know Me?

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This is a quiz to see whether you know me. So... take it... and then I'll know if you do. Um... that's all I've got. Take the quiz. Do it. Now. Please? This is awkward.

Okay, someone should give you a medal, cuz if you're still reading this, you're pretty amazing. But seriously, don't waste your time. This isn't going to get any better.

Created by: The Coldest Sun

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  1. Am I a boy or a girl?
  2. What's my favorite kind of music?
  3. What's my favorite song?
  4. Do I like Justin Bieber?
  5. What's my favorite show?
  6. What name do I often go by?
  7. Do I like anime?
  8. What's my favorite food?
  9. What was I well known for when I was a noob?
  10. What was mah first quiz about?
  11. Someone told me, the first day I posted on this site, that my username was epic.
  12. In the picture of my cat, he was:
  13. How do I greet my friends?
  14. What was the first soap I participated in about?
  15. What's my cat's name? (the one whose picture was my profile picture for a while)
  16. Who keeps trying to make me eat sushi?
  17. What's my youngest sister's name?
  18. What's my favorite color?
  19. What MP3 player have I been using for the past 3 weeks?
  20. How old am I right now? (3/9/2012)
  21. What month is my birthday in?

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