Do you know me?

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DANG! i hate this bit! no one ever bothers to even read it! This is a quiz about.... stuff, yeah enjoy! ahhh! i need like, 30 more characters! 6543210

I HAD a super long AHHHH! in here then the stupid website was like, "Broski, paragraph two must not conatin gibberish or excessive repeating of characters." like, why, bro?

Created by: Melissa

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  1. which two people do i love the most in the whole world?
  2. Who am i texting right now?
  3. Who is one of my favorite song artists?
  4. which artist am i listening to right now?
  5. What is one of the things i regret doing the most?
  6. What am i?
  7. have i ever tried to commit suicide, and if i have, what effect did it have on my life overall?
  8. what is ONE of my many motto's?
  9. Am i insecure?
  10. My favorite color?
  11. One of my best skills?
  12. My favorite fruit?
  13. Favorite Flower?
  14. Do i care about school?
  15. what is one of the words my friends use to describe me?
  16. what instrament do i play?
  17. Whats my favortei thing to knit?
  18. whose my best friend?
  19. My favorite kind of icecream?
  20. (This is what i think of myself) which one do you think i think of myself
  22. What do i really really want?
  23. pick the one i'm most likey to say to you if your name is Asher and i hate you
  24. my least fav./worst subject is???
  25. Almost to the end... i hate this question, so i wont ask it... this next bit is just you imagining i'm asking it.... "DID YOU LIKE THE QUIZ?"
  26. uno momento!
  27. last question... do i masturbate?

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Quiz topic: Do I know me?