How much are you like me?

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Well...I got bored so I made a quiz. It probably sucks. Anyways just take the dang quiz. Your probably not even going to read this. Why do I have to fill in this blank anyways?

I have to fill in this one to so...yeah. Lets just see how much like me you are okay. Still working on filling in this blank. Yes!!! I have 157 characters.

Created by: PandasEatNoodles

  1. What do you wear?
  2. What color is your hair?
  3. What color are your eyes?
  4. Could one call you emo?
  5. Sorry but whats your favorite color?
  6. Who's your favorite band/singer?
  7. Who is your role model out of these?
  8. What kind of music do you listen to?
  9. What song are you listening to now?
  10. Did you like this quiz?(This question will have an effect on your score. >:D Try and get it right!)

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Quiz topic: How much am I like me?