What Song Should You Headbang To?

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Well I got bored and decided to make this. Don't be all mean to me and stuff and say you dont like it or anything cause I know it probably sucks. Why do I have fill in this blank anyway?

Ahhh blank. Here we meet again. I thought I had defeated you before but I guess I was wrong. Well let me tell you something. I will defeat you right now! *Blank dies* Victory is mine!!!

Created by: PandasEatNoodles

  1. Do you like the pretty sound of the piano?
  2. Do you like screamo?
  3. Which one would you rather listen to?
  4. Pick one
  5. My neck hurts :'(
  6. I'm running out of question
  7. So..I just made this quiz cause I was bored and I didnt really put a lot of effort into it
  8. I licked an Alpaca and liked it
  9. Did you like this quiz?
  10. Rate and Comment?
  11. Guess what
  12. My dad spit in my eye on accident

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Quiz topic: What Song should I Headbang To?