Do You Know Me?

Hi! I made this quiz because I was bored mostly, & I just wanted to make one so yeah! What the h--- are you waiting for?? The quiz is under the second paragraph..

Come on dude! You don't know how to take this quiz?.... Oh man I'm so stupid, you do? Well this is how incase you are really retarded and doesn't know how to take this quiz, GO BELOW AND TAKE ITT!!

Created by: Abby12

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  1. What's my hair color?
  2. What's my favorite color?
  3. What's my favorite TV show?
  4. What's my favorite song?
  5. What's my favorite holiday?
  6. What's my favorite food?
  7. What's my favorite car?
  8. I guess that's all..
  9. WAIT! What's my favorite smiley face?
  10. Okay, rate & comment?
  11. BYE!

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Me?