which Fruit Of The Loom Guy are you?

i am broke ihave like no money ok im bored i have nothing to say on this so what ever dont take this quiz its stupid i was bored my friend helped me make it up yeah i know i could of made it better

i like pie alot my favorite kind is apple i like the color blue i dont know why i just do i dont really care what you think because i like it pie is kool pie is awsome i know you like pie to oh yeah

Created by: anastasia

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  1. do you like all kinds of fruits?
  2. is you favorite fruit red and round?
  3. do you judge your favorite fruit by color?
  4. do you always want to be the first person to fdo something or have people follow you
  5. do you feel as if you the only one that undersands yourself?
  6. do your friends mean everything to you?
  7. ever been made fun of for something stupid?
  8. you like to walk around
  9. ever done something so messed up you were remebered by it for the longest time?
  10. you drift off into space consantly and dont remeber what you were doing befor
  11. do you try to make people feel better when they feel crappy?
  12. do you screw up in school get bad grades and dont pass english because of poor grammer
  13. do you get annoyed easily?
  14. do you use the lol alot in instant messaging?
  15. hi
  16. 9+9=19?

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Quiz topic: Which Fruit Of The Loom Guy am I?