Do you know MCR?? (kinda hard)

My Chemical Romance. Everyone knows who they are, but do you REALLY know them? There are posers who claim to love them and there are hardcore fans who are always thinking of the band. But which are you, really?

I must warn you. If you THINK you know it all, be prepared to find out you don't, because this quiz is a litte hard. If you do know it all, congrats! You should do fine. If you do end up being a poser, don't get mad at the quiz. Be mad at yourself.

Created by: Danae of No name ya doofus!!
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  1. What is Gerald's last name?
  2. The day Gerard became sober...
  3. How many videos has MCR made??
  4. The day the band formed was...
  5. So, on December 3, 2001 (random date) the members of the band would be...
  6. Whose birthday is July 15, 1977?
  7. Who is "the man with the plan"??
  8. Gerard's grandma's name would be...
  9. Mikey almost quit, why??
  10. So, what's Mikey doing now??
  11. When Pete Wentz needed emotional support, who is credited for giving it to him?? (THIS IS HARD IF YOU DON'T READ FOB'S JOURNAL!)
  12. Mikey's fiance??
  13. Gerard's fiance?
  14. Frank's fiance?
  15. Alright, let's do some lyrics!!! "Remember when you broke your foot"
  16. "And then I'd say to you we could take to the highway"
  17. "Hear the sound; the angels come screaming down"
  18. Last lyrics one... "Aw, sugar" (come on, you know this!)
  19. This one's easy. Where did they get their name!
  20. Who made up the name?
  21. Last one... The Breakfast Monkey - who or what is he/it??

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Quiz topic: Do I know MCR?? (kinda hard)