Do You Know Mattyb?

If you're going to take this quiz please know a little about mattyb. Please this quiz is for his fans all ages. I hope you like this quiz I worked very hard on it.

You gotta know something about this kid who is going to take over the rap business when he is older don't give up on him he is going to go far some day.

Created by: JJ

  1. What's mattybraps first and last name?
  2. When was mattybraps born (month and day)?
  3. Where does mattybraps live? (city)?
  4. Where does mattybraps live? (city)?
  5. What Mattybraps Brothers and sisters names?
  6. Who is mattybraps mom and dad name?
  7. How old is mattybraps?
  8. What mattybraps song called where his mom takes away his iphone?
  9. Who helps him write his raps?
  10. Whats mattybraps whole point in his music and raps ?

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