Do you know Edward from Twilight?

There are tons of people who read twilight. But do they know know as much as me? Try this test and see. If you haven't try for fun! And even figure out new things!

Do you know Edward its time to find out and test yourself! This is a chance to see if you have not only brains but memory! And no cheating! I hope you enjoy!

Created by: Bella

  1. What day was Edward born?
  2. What year was Edward born?
  3. What year did Edward 'die'.
  4. What caused Edward to 'die'.
  5. What was Edward's origanll last name?
  6. What is Edward's middle name?
  7. What Greek God does the Character most look like?
  8. If you got Question 4 right was it the 1st wave or 2nd wave that died in?
  9. Is edward better at running then his family, or is he stronger?
  10. Is Edward a old soul?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Edward from Twilight?