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  • master roshi taught goku the kamehameha wave in dragonball not dragon ball z, yamcha got killed by a saibaman, chiaotzu blows himself up, the dragonball in gohans hat has 4 stars

    howoldischiaozu Apr 16 '13, 2:47PM
  • 90%? Really? I looked at the answers and you had it wrong. The answer is four because it was Grandpa Gohan's Dragon Ball which was a big thing and is why Goku went looking for the Four Star Ball so many times. When he finally found it he put it on Gohan's hat since he named Gohan after his grandfather. Dont believe me, look it up. Oh, and it's spelled "Vegeta," not "Vageta." Otherwise, good quiz!

    rascal1178 Apr 17 '12, 6:09PM
  • also, it's spelled "Vegeta" not "Vageta"

    trickbiker Mar 19 '12, 11:21PM
  • ya the number of star on gohans hat is 4 i kept getting 90% and eventually narrowed it down to that question. I had to go and look but now I'm possitive its 4 stars.

    trickbiker Mar 19 '12, 11:19PM
  • you need to fix one of the answers, gohan has the 4-star ball on his hat, not the 1-star

    Synyster7296 Mar 13 '12, 3:35AM
  • Is everybody getting 80%?

    fs_sahil Apr 12 '11, 10:54AM
  • nice quiz,dude. there's a couple hard question in there, i got 80%

    hlokio Dec 19 '08, 5:39PM
  • lol,i got 100% because i made it.

    flyingchao Dec 15 '08, 11:22PM

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