Do you know DragonBall Z?

A lot of peole know everything about dbz. They can name every character, all the enimies, & answer tough questions about the show. Are you one of those people?

Do YOU know DBZ? Have you seen enough of the show and movies to know everything about it? You might be wondering, so come on and take my dragonball z trivia quiz and find out!

Created by: Flyingchao

  1. What star DragonBall is on Gohan's hat?
  2. How many times does Goku die throughout dbz?(counting the movies)
  3. Who is the main villan in the 13th dbz movie: Wrath of the Dragon?
  4. What order do the z-fighters get killed by Nappa?
  5. What Z-Fighter was the youngest to turn to a super sayain?
  6. Who is Broly's father?
  7. Who is Tarble/Table?
  8. Who's verbal support helped destroy Kid Buu?
  9. Who taught Goku the Kamehameha Wave?
  10. Last Question! How much time did Goku have to defeat Frieza & leave Namek before it exploded?

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Quiz topic: Do I know DragonBall Z?