Do YOU know Chris Brown?

DO you KNOW CHRiS BROWN?! I created this quiz to weed out Chris` real fans from the pretenders. Are YOU a pretender? Take this quiz and find out!Are you a Chris Brown fan or someone who should be banned?! Chris Brown would want you to get an A! So, come on!

There are millions of Chris Brown fans- but are YOU worthy enough to call yourself one? Or are you a pretender? Chris Brown would appreciate it if you got an A! So take this test and study it like your life depends on it! Find out here! Are you a Chris Brown fan or someone who should be banned?!

Created by: Jasmine of Fresh azB5iz
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. When Was Chris Brown born?
  2. What state was he born and raised in?
  3. What was his debut single?
  4. What`s his first cd called?
  5. What company is Chris signed to?
  6. What`s his fave video game?
  7. Does he have a sis or a bro?
  8. What`s his fave food?
  9. Who`s his fave basketball team?
  10. Now last but DEFiNATELY not least, Was CHRiS BROWN, THEE CHRiS BREEZY, a boy scout?!

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Quiz topic: Do I know Chris Brown?