How do you really know Chris Brown

Are you really a chris brown fan. Then put your mine where your money is. If you are really a genius take my quiz. I'll show you what a quiz really is.

Are you really smart? Are you a genius. My quiz will suprise you. I hope you have your minds ready. So get ready to take my quiz. And put your mind to the test

Created by: Quanisha

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Where is Chris Brown from?
  2. What are his parents names
  3. What is his favorite desert
  4. When is his birthday?
  5. What year was he born
  6. What was his first song he has ever put out?
  7. What is his whole name
  8. How many siblings does he have
  9. Was he ever a boy scout?
  10. What is his favorite sports?

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Quiz topic: How do I really know Chris Brown