Do You Know Ben10 Cosmic Destruction (the Game)?

Ben Ten is a world wide watched cartoon , adored by millions. Are you a Ben Ten freak. Have you studied Ben Ten enough to pass this quiz? He is also the wearer of the omnitrix he saved the galaxy like a billion times.

Are you smart enough to take this Ben Ten quiz? Are you one of those brave hearts to conquer this quiz. Give it a try and see where your Ben Ten knowledge lays.

Created by: swaggranger

  1. What is the first four aliens you are allowed to use for your first mision?
  2. What is the final alien you use?
  3. What alien is first to go ultimate?
  4. How much aliens are there in the game if you do not use cheats?
  5. What two aliens can make the toxics cans and the green gas explode?
  6. What alien does the ghosts who is flying around look like?
  7. Who helps us out and gives us tips in the game?
  8. What alien pushes and pulls objects?
  9. Who is the fastest alien in the game?
  10. Who allows you to make a small army?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Ben10 Cosmic Destruction (the Game)?