The Cartoon quiz

There are so many people who believe they know everything there is to know about cartoons (from bobby's world to The Ant bully to whatever else. Do you believe them???? Only someone with a wide range of interest can defeat this one.

Hey, do you think you have what it takes to be a cartoon genius? Well how about you answer these crazy range of questions and see if you have what it takes!

Created by: Anjanee
  1. What sequence of movies did Tim Burton create or take part in?
  2. In the movie, little nemo (not finding nemo), who did the voice over for the character flip?
  3. In the movie, the lion king, who made young Simba's voice?
  4. Why did Young Simba leave the kingdom?
  5. In the movie, The lion king, what was the monkey's name?
  6. Name this 1992 cartoons theme song, "Like father, like son, you're always number one, There buddies, there pals, they always seem to work things out, can't you see they're two of a kind, lookin' for a real good time...."
  7. Name all of the Rugrat characters (just the kids)
  8. Who lives in a pinapple under the sea?
  9. Which one of these was NOT an original nickelodeon show?
  10. When did The hit tv series, Muppet Babies premiere?
  11. In the tv show, Muppet babies, the bear was named what?
  12. On Muppet Babies, who were the set of twins?
  13. On the show/movie X-men, what was Storms powers?
  14. On x-men, what was storms real name?
  15. On X-men, what was Cyclops' real name?
  16. Marvel (Comic book) was the marked under which list of comicbooks/ cartoons?
  17. What nick tv show was about a few friends who get together in a dark woods, sit around a fire to tell ghost stories (hint: aired from 1992-1996)
  18. In the 8 season hit cartoon show, Bobby's world, who played himself?
  19. What hit Disney movie was Ariel in?
  20. The movie, homeward bound, was about 3 house pets who get lost in different parts of their city (2 dogs and a cat), what were their names?
  21. Finding nemo, what type of fish was nemo and his dad?
  22. In the movie, Cars in 2006, what was the main race car's name?

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