Do you know Batman's identity?

Every Batman Character has an important name. Do you know most of them? Or maybe not? It depends if you have been reading comics or watching movies about Batman. Then you will know.

So, do you know the identities of those characters or not? Lets find out if you do. So take this quiz that I created and find out. Good luck to you. Begin!

Created by: aleckszick
  1. Who is batman?
  2. Who is the Joker?
  3. Who is Two Face?
  4. Who is Ra's Al Ghul?
  5. Who is the Riddler?
  6. Who is Catwoman?
  7. Who is Scarecrow?
  8. Who is Robin?
  9. Who is Mr. Evil Dog?
  10. Who were Batman's parents?
  11. Who is Mad Hatter?
  12. What Villains were in Batman Begins?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Batman's identity?