How well do you know Batman

There are big Batman fans out there who have to know there Batman and could easily ace this test and 0easwily brag to there friends about knowing Batman

I Hope you will do good and if you dont well better luck next time if you fail and tell all your friends about my quiz about Batman Bob Kane would ace this quiz

Created by: Keith Griffiths
  1. who was the first Robin
  2. Did the first Robin die or retire
  3. Who was the second robin
  4. Did the second robin die or retire
  5. Does Batman die
  6. does the first Robin become Nightwing
  7. Does the second Robin become Nightwing
  8. Who kills Batman
  9. Does nigtwing become the new Batman
  10. What is nightwings sidekick's name

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Batman