How well do you know Batman?

Batman is one the most famous comics of our time. It has been made into 6 films, some were good, some were bad. It has also been made into several games.

But do you know all about it? I hope you do cause if you don't I will go insane and come to you're house and murder you in you're sleep! Nah....I would only do that if you did bad on the test. Nah, I'm just joking......or I am?

Created by: Sarah

  1. The Batman TV show starred...
  2. The first batman MOVIE was made in......
  3. Who played the Joker in "The dark knight"?
  4. Fill in the blank "I'm only laughing, on the outside, my smile is just_______"
  5. Which actor died just before the permire of "The dark knight"
  6. Fill in the blank "No, but I know how you ___ these!"
  7. Who plaed "Alfred" in Batman?
  8. Who says this?: "Hit me!"
  9. Who did the music for "The dark knight"?
  10. Who did the music for "Batman"?
  11. How many batman movie have you seen?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Batman?