Do You Know Barker Middle School Teachers?

There are many people out there that go to Barker Middle School, and thats where I am going for 6th grade. I am so excited!!! But take my quiz to see if you know Barker or not.

Are you in Barker? Thats where I'm going!!! YEAH!!!!!! Let me know in comments or something if yur going or not. Cause we could end up being buddies.!

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  1. What is Ms. Mecklenburg's first name?
  2. What subject does Ms. Mecklenburg teach?
  3. What is Ms. Harmon's first name?
  4. What subject does Ms. Harmon teach?
  5. What is Mrs. Easton's First name?
  6. What subject does Mrs. Easton teach?
  7. What is Mr. Ward's first name?
  8. What subject does Mr. Ward teach?
  9. What is rs. Frever's first name?
  10. What subject does Mrs. Frever teach?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Barker Middle School Teachers?