Do you know as chemistry

Chemistry. Are you sure this subject suits you or just want to test you knowledge before the exam. Just for fun or finding your weak spot for revising this is for you.

Brainpower, revision, test is all people need to do to get the grades which you need for your dream job. Test yourself to see if you are there or nearly there.

Created by: Fifty new look
  1. What country do you go to school in?
  2. If you had a pipette and a burette, what experiment would you be doing?
  3. What is effervescence?
  4. Is the alkene...
  5. What shape is CH4?
  6. Which of these is NOT intermolecular bonding?
  7. What are you working out if you use mass/mr?
  8. What is 50 celsius in kelvin
  9. What is the gas equation?
  10. What has is produced when a group two metal reacts with water?

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Quiz topic: Do I know as chemistry