The Periodic Table Quiz

Are you a chemistry proffesinal. A master in the element arts? Take this quiz and find out. See if you are ready for the next level. If you think you are check here! If your not revise here!

If you get lower then 20% chemistry is not for you. If you get over 50% your getting there! If you get anywhere between try again and see if you can better the next time round!

Created by: rb 101
  1. What element has a atomic number of 83?
  2. Who created the first periodic table?
  3. How many elements are in the periodic table?
  4. Which of the following is not a element in the periodic table?
  5. What element comes after Barium?
  6. What element is listed as Kr?
  7. How old was the creator of the periodic table when they died?
  8. What is the atomic number of Pb?
  9. Which of the following is not a metel element?
  10. What element comes after Thallium?

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