Do you know alot about pokemons?

WOW!!! You're really, really good at it!!! You're so good that everyone else might obey you for solving problems!!!!! You're the king/queen!!!!!!!!!!!

WOA!!! Check it out!!! A genius is here for solving my quiz!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!! Since you are so good I'm going to say a.......... EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!! for you!!!!!

Created by: Kelly Yip
  1. What type is a Zebstrika?
  2. How did Rapidash get it's name?
  3. What is Lopunny in the human world?
  4. Is it possible to catch a real gardian of somewhere?
  5. What does a Rayquaza's heart look like?
  6. Is Missing numbers related to Unknowns?
  7. Where does Jynxes live?
  8. Why is Smoochum in our world?
  9. When does Jirachis usually can be seen?
  10. Is it possible to deafeat a ledgendary easily?

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Quiz topic: Do I know alot about pokemons?