do you get embarrassed alot?

i get embarrassed easily, but oneday, it just occurred to me, if i get embarrassed, other people must too. But just think, you are not the only one who gets embarrassed alot and has a lack of confidence!

are you embarrassed alot? Do you have confidence? take this quizz and find out! just because you get embarrassed in public doesn't mean you have to forever!

Created by: Catalina
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  1. do you embarrass yourself in public?
  2. do you feel confident in yourself?
  3. do you talk to yourself in public?
  4. do you get embarrassed easily?
  5. do you have trouble asking guys out because of your embarrassment? (don't worry, i do to)
  6. do your parents embarrass you?
  7. do you think you're pretty when you look in the mirror?
  8. do you believe you're pretty no matter what people say?
  9. do you like Ashley Tisdale?
  10. do you like her voice?

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Quiz topic: Do I get embarrassed alot?