Do you know all about Massie Block?

Hey, The Clique addicted. This is a test to show HOW MUCH do Y O U know about the bad girl we love to hate, the girl that is the meanest since Regina George from Mean Girls.

Here, you will find a bunch of question testing YOUR knowledge about Massie Block, her friends, crushes and another things in The Clique series. Good luck! Will you pinky-swear you'll get 100%?

Created by: applepiehoney
  1. What does Massie wear for first day at school [The Clique #1]?
  2. Who is Massie's second crush?
  3. What are some of Massie's charms in her charm bracelet?
  4. Who is Massie's 'hair-role-model'?
  5. What kinds of hair styles did Massie have?
  6. What is Massie's room called by her friends/ What is Massie's nickname while IM'ing her friends? {eaasy one!}
  7. What is Massie's new favorite color and why?
  8. What fragrances does Massie use?
  9. What is the name of Massie's(and her friends') clique?
  10. What does Massie try to teach the other girls{and fails}?

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Quiz topic: Do I know all about Massie Block?