do you know all about eminem songs?

there are millions of eminem fans out there who sometimes call themselves a number one fan but don't know much about him or his songs. here is there chance to find out.

are you a number one eminem fan or do you just claim to be. here is your chance to find out. do you know all his songs well? here is your chance to know if you really do know him.

Created by: lindsay long

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  1. who sings with eminem in "i love the way you lie"
  2. who was eminem singing too in the song"when im gone"
  3. what band did eminem sing with when he first started singing?
  4. heres an easy one. whats the name of the song eminem sang about his wife?
  5. whats the name of eminems album with "im not afraid" in it
  6. here is a switch what is the song that mariah carrie wrote for eminem?
  7. finish this line,"now i know we said things,did things that we didnt mean-"
  8. are eminems songs form past expieriances?
  9. does eminem and lil wayne relate?
  10. which album is emenems most recent.

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Quiz topic: Do I know all about eminem songs?