Rajiv's Eminem quiz

There are many smart people, but few are true geniuses.lets test ur skill here 2 check where you stand and how much you think you actually know about eminem.

if you think you knw everytng abt eminem,well think again!!this is no ordinary quiz.i hav created these questions with utmost balance of difficulty.so if you are a true fan,you should be able 2 handle it

Created by: rajiv

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  1. what was eminem's first single released?
  2. for which category did eminem win an oscar award?
  3. what is eminem's daughter's full name?
  4. whats shady's favourite drink?
  5. which album made eminem win most of his grammy awards?
  6. what does eminem's crew D-12 stand for?
  7. out of all eminem songs in which he did colaborations with oter artists,which song recieved most ratings in terms of chart rankings?
  8. which is da 1st Rap song in history to get the no.1 spot on Debut?
  9. which tragedy incident in 2004 made eminem almost quit his career?
  10. where was eminem born? (cmon dis shud be easy)

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