Do you know alex wolff?

So there's this drummer named Alex Wolff....he is still a kid but boy, can he drum well. He's a rockstar and he has tons of fans...but are you his true fan?

Do you think you know Alex Wolff? If you can proove yourself right or wrong, then take this quiz! You can see if your a true Alex Wolff fan....or not.!

Created by: Emily
  1. What insturment(s) does he play?
  2. What is his full name??
  3. How many brothers and sisters does he have?
  4. What is his dog(s) name(s)?Trick question!
  5. How is Jesse related to him?
  6. Whaqt does both Nat and Alex like?
  7. What is Alex wolffs hair made like?
  8. What was the first song the band wrote?
  9. What is there hit show called?
  10. How old is he?

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Quiz topic: Do I know alex wolff?