The Fake Nations part 2

Alrighty I figured out a name for you, it's... drum roll please!!!......... Brenna!!! Okay you have met the new kid in school his name is Alex, and you want to know him better.

Alrighty I figured out a name for you, it's.... drum roll please!!!!......... Brenna!!! Okay you have met the new kid in school his name is Alex, and you want to know him better.

Created by: booklover411
  1. I get home and my day only improves (-_-). Mom is snuggled up to step-"hey-I'll-be-living-with-you-but-you-don't-have-to-call-me-dad"-dad. And to find out, Padme went pee on the carpet but mom didn't clean it up. "Bad Padme. Out you go. This is where you're supposed to go potty, not in here," I said as I placed my mini-poodle outside. Padme gave me one of the saddest puppy dog eyes and I couldn't help but pat her head. "I don't mean to yell at you Padme, I know you're potty trained. It's the problem over there," I gestured with my head to my mom. Padme was originally her dog but then she suddenly didn't have the time for her. I took her into my care and rasied her myself. She sleeps either on my bed or on a pile of blankets in the corner of my rooms.
  2. Afterwards I brought Padme upstairs with me to do homework. I put on Fake Palindromes by Andrew Bird and out came the textbooks. We went on for a while until our tummies started to growl. When our bellies were settled we went back upstairs and got ready for bed. Before I fully got settled Ingrid Michaelson's Turn to Stone started, reminding me of another book that I started. I dug through the tons of notebooks sitting on my bedside table. Until finally, the light blue spiral notebook rested in my hands with a black pen...
  3. (Book POV) Gramm looks at me over with anger in my eyes. I could feel all the trust and bonds that I've worked so hard for, crumble to pieces. I caused this myself, if only I never told Jackson about Gramm's secret, then this would have never happened. "Gramm," my throat felt like gravel, tears burned my eyes. "I'm so sor-" "No. Don't be sorry. Realize what you did, accept it, and let me go," Gramm cut me off, his voice felt hard like granite. "Gramm," my voice squeaked as the tears fell, "please forgive me," I begged walking over to him. He stopped me with his hand and called Dominex as he walked away, not saying anything else. Gramm was using his telekenisis to keep me in place as he walked away. After the door slammed shut he released his hold and I feel to the ground. 'I'm sorry,' I said mentally to him.
  4. (My POV) I closed the book and put it back with the others. Padme curled up by my chest and we snuggled up together, ready to go to bed.
  5. Men grabbed me from the park bench right in plain sight of everybody. I screamed yet nobody came to my help. They dragged me backwards not letting me see where they were taking me. They came to a stop and threw me down onto the cold, hard cement. I went to throw a punch with all the force I could muster, aiming right at one of the guys kneecaps. But my punch barely made a dent in his jeans. My movements seemed in slow-motion, while theirs was normal. "Say goodbye Brenna," One guy said with a cruel smile. Then everything went black.
  6. I woke up shivering. No blankets on me, only Padme for warmth. Slowly I came to and put the blankets back over me. I circled Padme in my arms. Having Padme in my arms gave me a sense of security. Eventhough she's just a little dog, I felt like she would protect me from anybody with bad intent. Padme looked up at me with a big brown eyes and snuggled closer, letting me know that it was okay to sleep.
  7. I woke up to barking and swearing. Padme had gotten up and was barking out the window. Something in the back of my head told me not to go to the window but I didn't listen to it. I rushed over to the window and searched for the source of the swearing. It was step-dinosaur beating up his car. I rolled my eyes and moved Padme back from the window, as I closed it. "Thanks for being my alarm clock Padme," I told her as I got ready for school. I wore...
  8. I today grabbed a packet of Goldfish as I headed to my car. Apparently it wasn't a bad feeling of looking outside, it is a bad feeling of the day in general. Every turn that took me closer to the school, felt like something was hiding behind it, but nothing was there. 'Nothing is wrong, everything is fine. I'm on the last road to school and nothing's hap-' I slam on the brakes, jerking my body against the seat belts. I breath heavy as I look over the trunk to see if I didn't hit the dog. It sits there staring at front of my car, not looking shaken. This cannot be happening right now.
  9. I look around and see no on coming traffic and nobody behind me. As I get out of my car I bring my cellphone with me. The dog is a beautiful grey hound with a black collar and a gold tag. The only thing on there was 'If lost say Dominex and help will come.' "Dominex?" I question out loud. A pair of thuding feet soon sounded in my ears. I looked to see a guy running up to me with a leash. 'Oh, hears the owner. And if I may say, he's quite a looker.'
  10. "Hey, sorry about that Dominex likes to wander where he's not supposed to be. Even when I tell him not to," the guy says while he attatches the leash. "It's okay, I'm just glad I saw him right before he got infront of me," I look up at stranger guy and checked him out. Black hair and blue eyes, a nice figure. For some reason, I felt compelled to say my name. "I'm Brenna," I say holding out my hand. He took my hand reluctantly "Gramm,"
  11. Cliffhanger!!! I'd love to hear your thought on things! Hope you keep reading. :D

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