Do You Know Akatsuki

take my quiz. i think its cool if you like naruto. the akatsuki have a big roll in naruto. theyre the ones that cause most of the conflict in the storyline. they appear in both the first series and shipudden.

i love the akatsuki itachis my alltime favorite so who do you like tell me in your comment okay cool this quiz will tell you how well you know the akatsuki none of its fake, i got it from reliable sorces: and well google

Created by: naraki

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  1. who plays with clay
  2. who is tobi really
  3. who is the newest member
  4. who is leader this is a hard one
  5. who is the cannibl
  6. what does itachi mean
  7. what is kisame
  8. who is pein really
  9. what is sasori
  10. who likes money
  11. who is the ex akatsuki member
  12. who are the immortals

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Akatsuki