Which Akatsuki are you???

There are a lot of Akatsuki, but have you ever wondered which one you are??? Well, you can find out now!! You could be Itachi, the best,Kisame, who's weird, or a variety of others!!!

Which Akatsuki orginization member are YOU?? Find out now! Sorry, but I couldn't have all 10, so Tobi and Konan are not in this quiz. That's sad...but 8 others are!! Yay!!!! Happiness!!!!! Yeah...

Created by: Itachi Uchiha

  1. What is your favorite color??
  2. Is money important?
  3. Do you like sharks??
  4. Do enjoy leading things?
  5. Have you killed your entire clan??
  6. Do you eat people??
  7. Do you like puppets??
  8. Do you like art??
  9. Do you like religion?
  10. Last question...

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Quiz topic: Which Akatsuki am I???