Do you know Adventure time?

You may know about adventure time and seen a couple of episodes but lets see if you know like alot.Simple questions.Ill make a harder one later but for now.Enjoy!

Do u kno adventure time huh huh huh.Prolly so, but take this quiz to see if u rlly do.Like i said ill make a harder one later but i hav to get off the comp..cuz im spending too much time on it.

Created by: Josawesum

  1. Who does Finn have a crush on?
  2. Who is Jake's girlfriend?
  3. What distracted Jake from saving Finn?
  4. Who is a vampire?
  5. Who says this? : I dont mean like sexy hot.
  6. Why does Marceline hate her dad?
  7. What was Marcelines boyfriend named?
  8. How many episodes of adventure time have you watched?
  9. Would you agree if I said Ice King is nice?
  10. How old is Finn and Jake?
  11. How did you think you did? (this will not effect your score.)

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Quiz topic: Do I know Adventure time?