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  • I got 95

    Kazenome Jan 11 '14, 12:15AM
  • I got 75!

    VisualFetish Sep 6 '12, 11:34AM
  • You are 85% likely to have magical powers!

    Great! Top wizard status. Compare yourself to Hermione in the Harry Potter series. At the top of your class... but don't get too prideful. Good job!

    yami Mouto15 Jan 6 '08, 7:19PM
  • I don't actually believe in magic and I got 71%.

    Who Dec 28 '07, 8:45PM
  • Obviously, the third "hi" was the right answer.

    jiggers Dec 24 '07, 6:45PM
  • hiya i got 100% again

    Bicky Dec 23 '07, 10:07PM
  • oops, i forgot to add a comment so here it is, that quiz was... different. I got 66% likely to have a majical power. i wonder if i actually have a magical power?? these are the questions that keep me up at nite.

    softball_lover4 Dec 23 '07, 9:10PM
  • which "hi" was correct?

    rice5054 Dec 23 '07, 5:05PM
  • Cool quiz... tehehe i made it... srry but i just wanted a comment on the comment board!!!

    Roxtar42 Dec 23 '07, 2:24PM

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